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Struggles Only Independent Women Have To Deal With

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Written by: Cassie Thompson

15. Seeing People Claim To Be Independent… When They’re NotNope. Nope. Nope. If someone else is paying your bills, I hate to break it to you, but you’re not independent.

14. Men Are Intimidated
Oh, no! A woman that doesn’t need a man! Now that is scary. Most guys see women who have it together and run for the hills. It’s a control thing.
13. People Always Asking If You’re Okay
I know it seems weird that I’m doing okay on my own, and this is hard to believe, but yes. I’m fine. I’m great.
12. People Think Mom and Dad Help You Out
No, honey. I bought this car on my own, I paid for school myself and my rent comes out of my own pocket. Thank you very much!
11. Very High Dating Standards
Dating can be hard when you already have everything you need… Except the right guy. You’ve got high standards (and should) but you sometimes chase your dates away a little early because you don’t want to waste time. Lighten up a little and try dating someone who does not meet every qualification.
10. People Think You Have Attitude
Sure independent ladies have attitude, the right attitude.
9. Seeing Women Use Men Upsets You
Get a grip, woman. You can earn your own money and buy your own drinks. You make all of us look bad!
 8. Other Women Are Jealous
Girl, you’ve got to take some risks to get where you want to be. Don’t hate the player, be one
7. Men Stereotype You
A lot of guys seem to think that all women are out to get them, which ends up affecting you too. Guys think you’re just like every other girl who has used them in the past. How unfair is that?
6. Your Pet Is Your Best Friend
Since you’re really busy, it can be hard to make or keep friendships. You turn into Snow White to compensate. It’s cool, cause animals are awesome.
5. People Want To Drag You Down
Being confident, self-assured, independent… These are all things that a lot of people don’t want to see in a woman and they will try to drag you down. Don’t let them. They are just trying to steal your happiness.
4. It’s Hard Work
The truth is, it can be exhausting and sometimes you’ll want to quit. You’ve got to keep at it.
3. Running Out Of Wine Is A State Of Emergency
Ladies that work as hard as we do sometimes need a glass of wine to function at the end of the day. To be out of wine is extremely depressing. Can you even watch Netflix without it? Is that legal?
2. Men Try To Buy Your Love
When you’re a woman who has got her own money, there is no need for anyone to pay your way. You can take care of yourself. A man has to bring more than that to the table.
1. Seeing Women Waste Their Potential
You know they’re capable of so much more. Someone should tell them there is more to life than being a pretty face or body. Society says women are sidekicks, the gender set to play second fiddle, to serve a supplementary role to men… It isn’t true. You can be independent and be happy.

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