7 Things That Happen When You Decide To Stop Drinking All The Time

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As a former party girl, I know how to get crazy. Any random night — Wednesday? Why not? — I could always be found at whatever bar had the best drink specials.

Then, one day, I decided to see what would happen if I stopped. This is what I discovered:

Your Social Life Will Go Down The Drain

Life after drinking is way less exciting on the surface. Every time your group of friends gets together, it’s to drink until they don’t know their names and meet random people they’ll never see again; or it’s to drink 10 beers at someone’s apartment and run their cars into poles on the way out of the parking lot (I won’t name names).

So, while your friends are out guzzling whiskey sours, you’ll be sitting like a hermit in your apartment, watching Netflix and eating a whole bag of veggie chips. And you’ll be mostly okay with that.

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11 Reasons You Have To Be Crazy To Succeed In Life, Business And Love

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Columbia PIctures

As awesomely different as hyper-successful people are, they have one super-thick, unbreakably strong, common thread holding them together as a united force of nature: They’re all bat sh*t f*cking crazy.

I can hear your thoughts penetrating through the static screen of the computer.

You’re teeming with irritation, rolling your eyes oh-so deeply, once again finding yourself offended that yet ANOTHER girl is tossing around the term “crazy” with the frivolity of yesterday’s dirty laundry.

Not so fast, PC Police, because I happen to love the term “crazy” and am going to use it with a fabulous, reckless abandon through the duration of this article.

Craziness is synonymous with success, so I decided to reclaim it a long time ago.

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Struggles Only Girls Who Hate Dating Understand

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From contrived small talk and picking out an outfit that can change everything he thinks about you, to drinking too much and goodnight kisses, some of us ladies cannot stand the concept of dating.  But that doesn’t mean we don’t want some romance in our lives.  You’re the girl who cuddles up to her pillow every night, but the thought of sharing the bed with a snoring, space heater of a man is more like a nightmare.  Here are the struggles every girl who hates dating, but really wants true love, understands.

1.Your motto about relationships always comes back to Larry David when he said, “A date is an experience you have with another person that makes you appreciate being alone.”

2.Casually dating and hooking up does not make your heart swell. If you’re going to spend that much time courting or being courted by someone, why is there a possibility that it won’t work out at all?

3.Small talk makes you cringe.

4….And all small talk reminds you of is starting high school all over again, or that time you had the stomach flu.

5.When you browse Tinder or other dating sites, you’re trigger-happy when it comes to ruling people out. Has a cat? Left Swipe. Has a boring job? Left Swipe. Has eyes? Left Swipe.

6.Your idea of a romantic date involves Netflix, sans pants.

7.PDA is disgusting, but you’re not about to invite a guy into your home to give him a hug. He’ll obviously expect more if he’s seen your bedroom.

8.You always find a way to cancel plans. Oh, the weather is bad? Let’s reschedule!

9.You’ll secretly watch rom-coms, but no one would dare catch you watching them (and crying a little,) because that just isn’t how the world works!


Waiting for him to ask you on a second date is complete bull. You’ll never have to worry about the tension between dates and questioning if he actually like-likes you if you don’t date to begin with!




12 Struggles Only People Who Work From Home Truly Understand

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Written by: Rob Fee

12 Struggles Only People Who Work From Home Truly Understand: Flickr/Britt Selvitelle

Working from home may sound like a dream, and it definitely has its perks, but if you’re not careful you can slowly go insane from it. As many advantages as it has, there are things you never considered that can end up eating away at your soul. Here are 13 almost daily struggles you probably never experienced unless you worked from home.

1. Putting on pants feels like dressing up
If your office has a dress code it may seem like a pain to get into those outfits every morning, but there’s nothing better than, at the end of the day, popping off your dress clothes and getting into something comfy. The problem with working from home is that you have no dress code, so you slowly start putting less and less effort into your wardrobe until finally you look down and realize you’ve been wearing the same Uncle Eddie robe for three days and there are Doritos stains on your socks.

2. You never really stop working
In an office you have a start time and a stop time. Even if you work late, you still have that structure. When you work from home you never really stop working because there’s no separation between work and home. You’re just this slimy amoeba slithering from your home office with your work laptop, to your living room with your work laptop, and finally to your bed…with your work laptop.

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Comedians Share Their 7 Dating Deal Breakers

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Written by: Calise Hawkins Nicole Aimee Schreiber

Being a funny lady in the dating pool is a minefield. We spoke to comedians Calise Hawkins and Nicole Schreiber about the things you shouldn’t do when going on a date with them, unless you want the date to end immediately, with a drink in your face. 


1. He’s rude to waiters.

Nicole: If we’re ever out and my date speaks down to people: dealbreaker. Like, if they’re rude to waiters. They are doing their job! They’re not your servants!


2. He “shushes” me or tells me to “relax.” 

Nicole: I went on a date once where a guy shushed me. Bro, I’m LOUD! I’m allowed to express my emotions. Don’t tell me to relax because it’s too much for you in this room! I hate that. I want a guy who lets me be me all day. That’s probably why I’m still single.

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