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Signs You’re Not in Love, You’re Trying to Fix Him

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Relationships are different experiences for all parties involved.  While you may think you are in a deeply passionate intertwinement of hearts, you may, in fact, be simply going through the motions of being in a relationship under the guise of repairing what the girl before you damaged.  While separately, a number of qualities could indeed make you an ideal partner, in concert they point to an intensely flawed dynamic.  Here we run down 15 signs that you are not in love; rather, you are trying to fix your special someone.


You’re attracted to people with baggage—the more the merrier.
Signs You’re Not in Love, You’re Trying to Fix Him

You’re afraid to move on from your past relationship, so you take on a new love interest as a way to cope.

You think your significant other ‘needs’ you, and you aren’t ready to let go of them until you ‘help’ them.

Your relationship has become a string of transactions, and affection is the currency. You exchange it for appreciation, gratitude, and what you view as loyalty.

You simply love the idea of being in love.

You hate to see your better half not succeed.

You need one thing in your life to be a constant.

You’ve convinced yourself that you can, indeed, make someone change—for you.

You have a serious relationship or two under your belt, and strongly believe it’s time for another.

You involve yourself too much in the lives of others—friends, family, and significant others.

You believe the opposite of vulnerability is solitude, so you choose the former.

You have yet to discover what you actually like about your special someone, aside from their ‘need’ for you in their life.

If your partner is pulling away, you view it as their attempt to harm themselves, and you take it very personally.

You have an unnecessary desire to prove people wrong about you two.

You care far too much about what others think about you and your significant other.


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