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Science Explains Why Breakups Hurt Men Differently

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There’s hardly a stereotype more common than the rough and tough macho man. But if you’re under the assumption that men are better at controlling their emotions, you may want to reconsider your beliefs. A majority of the male population may be good at suppressing their feelings, but control? Pure myth. In fact, according to new research, breakups actually affect men more than women. Not convinced? Keep reading and allow science to fill you in on the mushy details.

Is it really over?


Researchers at Binghamton University and University College London have split men and women down in the middle in terms of how they react to breakups.

A breakups hurt. The pain will come. But for men, it’s more like a slow, intensifying burn. It won’t hit right away, but when it does… everyone stand back!

Women typically take the shorter path in a breakup, emotionally-speaking. The hurt may be more substantial, but it’ll pass much more quickly than it does for men.

A researcher at Binghamton, Craig Morris, said, “Woman are evolved to invest far more in a relationship than a man.”

When a guy has a breakdown after a breakup, he’s not being over-emotional. Despite what years of stereotyping has told us, he’s just being a man.

For men, the breakup signifies a genuine loss, one that sinks in the more time passes. The idea settles and the male brain just absorbs it at a slower pace.

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