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Are You An Empath? These Are The 4 Types Of Narcissists You’re Attracting

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I’m an empath. I’m a healer. I absorb what other people are feeling it and feel it as if it were my own. My own pain, my own anguish, my own hurt. Narcissists rarely know an empath’s boundaries. It makes us easy to bond with. We eat their pain like breakfast lunch and dinner.

Are You An Empath Or A Narcissist? Find Out!

The victim.

A narcissist isn’t always confident by nature. They can be quiet, reserved, and sensitive too. They may engage in self-hatred and act like they aren’t worthy. They are often motivated by their fears and don’t truly have the capacity to fully be themselves or loved. Their narcissism is fueled by inferiority complexes.

The superhero.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the superhero. The one who thinks they’re smart, sexy, perfect, and just kick ass all the way around. They act like nothing can possibly hurt them and that your duty in life is to make them feel super great about themselves because they are, after all, the best.

The perfect lover.

This narcissist seems lovely at first because they display incredible care, affection, and perfection to you in the beginning. They flatter you, give you gifts, and make you love them. As soon as they have you, they use you until they are no longer interested. They eventually cast you aside as boring. These people are often “gold diggers” as well.

The elitist.

This is a type of narcissist that probably came from money and wants to stay that way. They grew up in the lap of luxury and as a result look down on everyone else. They may seem pragmatic, successful, intelligent, and driven at first, but eventually they demonstrate a desire to one up, brag, and self-promote.

The schemer.

This type of narcissist seems like they have good intentions from the start. They do good for people and their community, but there’s always something to their kindness. They expect something in return. And if they don’t naturally get it, they’ll demand it. If you don’t give it to them, get ready for a serious conflict.


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