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7 Things That Make A Girl An Assh*le Magnet Without Her Realizing It

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Written by: Alexis DiZenzo


All a bad boy wants is a good girl to be bad for him.

However, it gets really old dealing with jerks for so long. Oddly enough, in the same way he can’t make you bad, you can’t make him good, either.

Relationships suck when the only guys you can get are straight up assh*les. It’s even worse when you put all your effort into him, and think you can change him when you can’t.

So, why are you an assh*le magnet? What makes all of them flock over to you?

Well, it starts with being too nice.

Guys can easily tell who they can and cannot walk all over. The second they know they have the upper hand, you are basically doomed.

These are the main reasons why you’re an assh*le magnet:

1. You don’t know how to say “no,” and he knows that.

Yes, women like to please others.

But if he’s not pleasing you as often as you’re pleasing him, it’s time to say no. The next time he calls you at 1 am to ask you to come over, say no.

There is a difference between being too nice to the point where you’re being taken advantage of.

You don’t need to be nice to assh*les.

2. He uses forms of social media to contact you, and you respond.

Our society has already deemed that a text message is a perfectly formal way to set up a date.

However, when he uses Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter DMs to talk to you (and you respond), you allow him to think it’s okay to contact you in such an informal way.

If booty calls were okay, Snapchat still would not be a way to initiate them.

3. You’re vulnerable, and he knows it.

Some women are really good at thinking like men. They know exactly how to play their games.

But sometimes, women are just plain vulnerable, and men know exactly how to tell.

Once they know, they use that as their cue to treat you the way a jerk would.

Men know vulnerable women will come back around, no matter what.

4. He’s good at sweet talking, and you believe everything you hear.

He keeps preaching about how great of a guy he is, and he knows you’re going to believe it.

It happens.

We all want to believe the good we hear, but if he’s constantly telling you how great he is and sees you’re buying it, he’s going to keep being an assh*le.

He knows he can treat you however he wants, and just sweet talk you later because you’ll buy it.

5. You think you can change him, and he just isn’t trying to change his ways.

As women, we have this empowering natural drive to try and change people and situations.

Although women are powerful, it’s very hard to change a person.

The fantasy of being able to change an assh*le into a nice guy drives us closer to them. It should be driving us farther away.

6. He only wants to have face-to-face conversations when he isn’t sober, and you respond.

They say nothing good happens after 12 am, and there is nothing good that can happen when you’re both under the influence.

Assh*les will use the excuse of “I was wasted when I said that” just to cover up their behavior.

However, drunk sayings are sober thoughts.

So if he made an assh*le comment under the influence, he meant it.

7. You don’t love yourself enough to break your force of assh*le attraction.

Self-love is the only way to break that magnetic force that attracts all the assh*les to you.

When you learn to love yourself, the magnetic field dies down and everything falls into place.

Maybe not every guy you attract is an assh*le, and not every guy you meet down the road will be.

There are good guys out there, but they are attracted to girls who love themselves first.

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