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12 Signs You’re in a Healthy Relationship

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1. Never Relive the Past Mistakes are made by everyone, but the biggest mistake in any relationship is to continue bringing them up.

2. Allowing Personal Space If you and your partner enjoy time together, but still enjoy time apart, that is perfectly acceptable. Allowing Personal Space A relationship where one or both people smother one another usually becomes toxic quickly.

3. Mutual Trust Trust is one of the most important parts of any relationship; without it, there is nothing to build on. A secure relationship is a healthy relationship.

4. Taking Time to Savor the Moment A couple that understands the importance of savoring the moment and not rushing the milestones is considered the healthiest. There is no need to rush a wedding, a baby, or even moving in together

5. Great Communication Good communication is key to any successful relationship, but great communication is rare. If you feel comfortable enough to talk to your mate about anything, and he or she feels the same towards you, then you have that rare thing called great communication.

6. Inspire One Another Great couples inspire one another to be better. The one you are with should always bring out the best in you.

7. Still Able to Be Yourself Couples that tend to get absorbed into one another often end in disaster. You and your significant other fell in love with each other by just being your respective selves, so why would you change that? An interest in different things and a difference in opinion is what makes two people interesting, so cherish your differences and never try to change each other.

8. Appreciate Each Other Taking each other for granted leads to nothing but hurt feelings and break-ups. The best couples appreciate their mates, and cherish even the smallest of gestures.

9. Accept Flaws Everyone has flaws, some minor, some more severe. Couples in healthy relationships accept each other’s flaws without judgment.

10. That means snoring goes unnoticed, a balding head goes unmentioned, and when dancing without rhythm, your significant other thinks you look amazing.

11. Keep Each Other Going When the going gets tough, the toughest couples keep on going. When things go bad, it is ideal to have someone standing behind you that not only has your back, but that he or she can give you a swift kick in the rear to get you motivated.

12. Love Continues to Grow A healthy relationship grows with time, and is never rushed. Each day, week, month and year should bring a higher appreciation for one another. Letting go of the past, accepting one another’s flaws, and great communication helps the relationship to grow into something amazing.

Fight with Resolution Fighting is a normal part of any relationship, as long as it is productive. Fighting without resolution brings only bitter feelings and resentment towards one another. Fights that offer a resolution to the problem are a healthy part of any relationship



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