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10 Signs You’re Being Cheated On. #7 Is So Obvious it Hurts.

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1. He dresses differently.

Has your spouse started to dress a little differently or does he keep his vehicle a bit cleaner? Has he been acting slightly happier and more cooperative, yet all of a sudden he is busier and just leaving the house more often? (e.g. going out more often with “friends,” running more errands, etc.) If so, take heed. Take interest in his new activity/involvement if you’re curious about what’s really going on.

2. He doesn’t touch you as much.

Sometimes affection drops off a bit due to poor communication, unresolved issues or a recent argument. If this is unexplained behavior or he is repelling you with odd excuses, you may have a hint. At minimum, you have an issue in your relationship that needs to be addressed honestly.

3. You notice a different scent on him.

Whether it’s another woman’s perfume or possibly a different brand of soap from showering elsewhere, your senses know things. If he’s coming home freshly showered after a full day of work, the same way he left for work, you may have a hint he’s having an affair.

4. He gives gifts or frequently volunteers to help another person

Although it is nice to give gifts and do kind things for friends, family members and even strangers, if your partner frequently gives gifts, especially those that are costly, take time and effort to prepare or have significant meaning, or volunteers to help out with projects around the home, this may be a sign that he is having an emotional affair.

5. He suddenly spends tons of time with another person

If your partner is suddenly spending a lot of time with a colleague, co-worker, friend or even an acquaintance, particularly if that person is of the opposite sex, you may want to learn more about this relationship and the possibility that there may be an affair going on.

6. He avoids family or other social events.

Infidelity, whether physical or emotional, will always result in lost time with friends and family. If your partner avoids social gatherings or activities, leaves early or arrives late because of some project or task, there may be a strong chance that he is spending time with someone else, whether on the phone, the computer, or in person.

7. They maintain multiple e-mail or social media accounts.

If you discover additional or hidden e-mail or social media sites, things are almost certainly not good. Simply put, people in committed relationships have no need to maintain accounts that their partners don’t know about. If you discover one of these, it is time to be concerned.

8. Your spouse or significant other takes or makes phone calls in private.

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9. They delete their text history.

Most people do not bother deleting old text messages … at least not until the phone is full. If your partner makes sure that old messages are deleted — or worse — they delete them as soon as they finish a conversation with someone, there may be more going on than just texting!

10. He’s gone longer.

Does your man usually take the dog out for a half hour run every day, but now it’s a 60-90 minute walk-run? Who is he running into all of a sudden at the dog park or in the neighborhood? If it’s not “chatty Kathy,” he may be having an affair. Go with him once in a while.


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