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photo blog11 Things Every Woman Should Tell Her Gyno

Your feet are already in stirrups–how much more awkward can it really get?
By Casey Gueren, Women’s Health

There are some things that you’d barely consider telling your best friend–let alone your gynecologist. But the truth is, they’ve heard and seen it all. Plus, there are some things that, while embarrassing, could be really vital when it comes to taking care of your sexual and reproductive health. Here, eleven things you should definitely tell your gynecologist: (And while you’re still in the office, don’t forget these 5 Questions You Should be Asking Your Gyno.)

How Many Sexual Partners You’ve Had

Has it been a particularly eventful year? Tell your gyno that–even if she doesn’t ask. She’s not going to judge you, and this is really useful information from a medical standpoint, says ob-gyn Alyssa Dweck, M.D., coauthor of V is For Vagina. “The more information that’s disclosed that seems to be relevant, the more individualized care that can be given.”