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4 Diet ‘Rules’ to Stop Following Now

Tuesday, June 10, 2014 Permalink
logo3By Rebecca Scritchfield
We read it and hear about it every day — the latest summer slim down secrets, the belly flattening foods or the magical cleanse that promises rapid weight loss. We’re constantly being exposed to misinformation around weight loss, whether from the media or our friends and family. The science is clear that dieting does not lead to lasting weight loss. People are going to be different shapes, sizes and weights. That’s just genetics.

For most of us, the main issues with eating reasonably healthy and nourishing foods are less about the knowledge of “what to eat” and more about “how.” Most of my clients struggle with behavioral problems related to time management, difficulty planning and preparing healthy meals, and emotional overeating. They’re desperate for some boundaries, and diets always make a promise that sounds good. It may seem like the structure of dieting rules keeps you in line, but the reality is they don’t play into your long-term health and happiness. Mostly, this is because the rules work against your body (not with it), and they just don’t fit the real world. Regardless, the dieting drama permeates our lives. Here are four of my favorite diet rules I love to hate, as well as the truth that should help you ditch your diet mind once and for all.